Let’s invest in the future together!

The University of Lapland, established in 1979, is an international and vibrant university community at the Arctic Circle. Our interests are in science and art with special focus on research on change in the Arctic and the North. Our research approaches are international and multidisciplinary: sustainable development, law, and justice; Northern well-being, education and work; responsible tourism; and culture-centred service design form a solid foundation for the academic work that we carry out.

Business life in the region has benefited from our research, education and artistic activity since the University was established. Over the years the scope of our impact has extended further, contributing to sustainable development, well-being and equality both nationally and internationally in areas that we have co-operation connections with.
We are grateful to our benefactors. Thanks to your support, we can continue to improve our work and strengthen our competitiveness, making a difference in the society not only locally but throughout the Arctic and Northern regions and beyond.

We aim to collect 750,000 euros by June 2017. The Finnish government may reward our efforts through matched funding which can be up to three times the donated sum.
We welcome the opportunity to discuss our mutual interests further. You can find our contact information through the adjacent links.

Additional information: 

Markus Aarto
Director of Administration 
Tel. 040 484 4000


Heikki Autto
Liaison Officer
Tel. 040 484 4330

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