Heidi Lehto | Textile design

From self-expression with video tape to a new form of self expression

My starting point for working with now obsolete video tapes was to discover new possibilities for their use. Taped shows comprise the materials for an art piece in which films, soap operas, documentaries and home videos emerge in new forms. The process of this transformation involves the tape being wrinkled and the result is a beautifully glistening surface. I have previously experimented and thought around this idea by making bags and art textiles out of video tapes.

For my advanced studies project I wanted to design a wearable form for video tape. Based on a model made on a tailor's dummy I knitted two sparkling sculpture-like outfits which I wore to my exhibition "VHS Forms" at the University's "Design 96300" event on 21.3.2009. I continued working with video tape in my advanced studies project by putting together an exhibition for the University's Gallery Kilo in May 2009. I tried to give the collection of works I created for the exhibition, which I gave the title "Valveunet", a strongly personal touch. The "Valveunet" collection consists of five pieces in which shapes, sounds and different structures combine in a way which gives visitors to the exhibition the opportunity to connect with their own waking-dream worlds. The pieces are constructed by knitting, crocheting, hairpin crocheting as well as recording the sound of the video tape which is being worked on. The research component of my work comprises a discussion on the use of video tape and a description of the dork process. I interpret and discuss my work from the perspective of the notion of slow design.

I began my Master's level studies at the Faculty of Art and Design at Lapland University in 2007. I have been working with video tape since 2005.

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