Doctoral candidates

There are altogether ca. 20 doctoral candidates in the doctoral programme Northern Cultures and Natural Resource Politics. This page presents junior researchers employed by the University and status position holders along with their research topics.


Junior researchers

Master of Arts Lukas Alleman: information about the researcher and his research

Master of Social Sciences, Master of Arts Hanna Lempinen: Social Sustainabilities in the Arctic Energyscape

Master of Laws Anniina Oksanen: Kaivoslain ja muun ympäristölainsäädännön tehtävistä kestävän kaivostoiminnan toteuttamisessa


Status position holders

Master of Laws, Bachelor of Science Shahnaj Begum: Growing Challenges to the Elderly Well-being in the Nordic Arctic: A Human Rights Perspective

Master of Social Sciences Sanna Hast: Yhteensovittamattomat luonnonvarat

Master of Social Sciences Ilari Nikula: Biopolitics of the Ecological Crisis

Master of Laws Anna Pétretei: Impact of extractive industries on indigenous rights and livelihoods