Researcher rooms

As a doctoral student, you can apply for a researcher room at the University campus. Researcher rooms – located in the Library – are accessible outside the Library's opening hours.

What to do:

1. Download and fill in the application for a researcher room. Please specify the funding source of your doctoral research and funding plan as well.

2. The application should be appended with your supervisor's recommendation. The recommendation should explain the current stage of your research and justifications for granting a researcher room.

3. Submit the application at the end of the autumn term or the spring term to the Property and Procurement Services / University of Lapland, P.O. Box 122, FI-96101 Rovaniemi.

You can inquire about available rooms even outside the application periods. The applications are handled by the research development committee which makes decisions on granting researcher rooms. A researcher room can be granted for a period ranging from three months to three years. Doctoral students' applications have primacy. A room that becomes available before the end of the reserved period is given to the next person in the waiting list.

If you get a researcher room and suddenly do not need it anymore, or you are absent for over a month, please inform the Property and Procurement Services about it.

More information:

property and procurement secretary
Marko Orajärvi
tel. +358(0)40 821 4343