OODI - Student Information System

Oodi is a national student information system for supporting studies and teaching, which has been developed by a group of Finnish universities. The University of Lapland implemented Oodi in March 2005. For students, Oodi offers web services through WebOodi.

Through WebOodi students can:


  • Check their personal data and credits
  • Change their contact information and terms for releasing that information
  • Browse study guide information
  • Device their PSP (Personal Study and learning Plan)
  • Register for courses and exams
  • Order a transcript of records (official copies will be issued by the faculty office)
  • Give feedback on courses
  • Register to the university and pay the student union fee (new students and exchange students have to register through Student Services office).


WebOodi will be introduced to you in more detail in the beginning of your studies. See WebOodi at: https://weboodi.ulapland.fi/oodi

Student Number:


  • Each student has a single personal student number.
  • Students are to use this student number when registering for exams and on the exam answer forms. After logging on to WebOodi, the number will appear under your name in the upper left corner.
  • All your credits, including Open University studies, will be in the same system. They can be accessed through WebOodi and printed if necessary.


Registering for a course via WebOodi    

Registering for a course via WebOodi is simple, just go to the Web-Oodi front page and Sign in. Run a "Search" for the course you wish to register for; and then select the appropriate options.

Note 1: When running a search by "Organisation", within the hierarchy of the University of Lapland look for the faculty or unit in question (for example "International Studies Centre" = ISC or KVO in Finnish). As a result you will see all study programmes coordinated by the ISC begin with the heading "KVO" (e.g. KVO - Arctic Studies Programme). 

Note 2: There are two "Registration" options on the main sidebar menu, one is under the heading "My Studies", and the other is under "Other". It is the one under "My Studies" which is for course registrations (the other is for academic enrolment / registration at the university). In this regard, one cannot register for courses until one is enrolled / register at the university.

By registration for individual courses the integration of other study related (on-line) services will be facilitated.

Furthermore, it is important to note that some courses do have a limit on the number of student places available. 

Exam results and transcripts in WebOodi 


  • With WebOodi, you can check your credits and order an unofficial transcript to your e-mail.


Note the following issues when checking your credits:


  • In Oodi the credits are affixed to the study right at the time of graduation, not before.
  • The codes of studies accomplished at the Open University have been changed in the information transfer process to match the codes of the university’s faculties and departments.
  • If you have several degree study rights and you have applied for substitutions or credit transfers within the university, these studies are shown in Oodi only as original credits. In some cases the substituting studies can be indicated erroneously as double credits.


If you notice any mistakes or if there are any unclear issues, please contact the faculty or unit where the credit was accomplished (or e-mail opintosihteerit(at)ulapland.fi). The clarification inquiries are handled in the order of their arrival.

Study Certificate and Transcipt of Records

Students can get a study certificate from Student Services after registering for attendance or non-attendance. The certificate can be either in Finnish or English. The students must be able to prove their identity when getting the study certificate.

The faculty offices issue an official transcript of records. You can order an unofficial transcript via WebOodi to check your credits. It is good to check the transcript from time to time.

Release of Information from Student Registry

The use of the University of Lapland’s student registry is based on laws and regulations. Based on the laws the university gives out information from the registry without students’ consent to Statistics, The Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Student Health Care Foundation YTHS, Employment Office, Student Union LYY and to scientific research. With the student’s consent and staff’s own consideration the university can give out information from the registry for study related purposes and direct marketing. Release conditions are defined when registering for the first time. Students can also change the release conditions in WebOodi.

How to login to WebOodi?


  • You can login to WebOodi here
    Username: your e-mail account at the University of Lapland
    Password: your e-mail password
  • For assistance on WebOodi user authentication and usage, contact the HelpDesk at helpdesk[at]ulapland.fi
  • The HelpDesk and ICT Services offer students guidance and user support on issues related to WebOodi.


Additional Information on Oodi


  • oodi[at]ulapland.fi