Arctic Studies Program ASP (30 ECTS)



Programme Overview

The Arctic Studies Program (ASP) offers a unique opportunity to specialize in Arctic issues. The approach of the ASP is truly multidisciplinary and it provides comprehensive knowledge of the physical, environmental, social and cultural aspects of the Arctic.

Located on the Arctic Circle,  the University of Lapland has been offering students the opportunity to study Arctic issues in Rovaniemi, Finland since 1992.

The ASP is organized and coordinated by the University of Lapland’s Arctic Centre and Faculty of Social Sciences. The programme is connected to the Arctic Centre’s Research Department and the courses in the programme are taught by senior scientists and other researchers at the Arctic Centre and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The Arctic Centre’s researchers, who represent various nationalities and disciplines, use an interdisciplinary approach to study northern questions. The research sheds light in many ways on opportunities in and threats to Arctic areas. After completion of the programme the student is able to:

  1. describe the geographic, environmental, political, social, juridical and economic features of the Arctic

  2. apply and use the knowledge of the Arctic provided by natural, social and political sciences, economics and law

  3. locate the Arctic and Arctic issues in the context of broader discussions on environmental, socio-economic, political, cultural and legal questions

 Please note that the Arctic Studies Program ASP does not award a degree!


Students and Studies

The ASP is designed for Finnish and foreign degree students, exchange students, and special groups. The courses are taught in English.

The studies can be completed by either taking individual courses or taking part in the more extensive 30 - 60 ECTS credit modules. Please note that Advanced level studies are not offered during academic year 2015-2016. Students who wish to complete the whole 60 ECTS module are offered to study the Arctic Law and Governance special studies (30 ECTS) from the MICLaw Master Programme in the spring semester. More information on structure of studies and courses is available in Structure of the Programme - page and in WebOodi.

Students are required to register for all individual courses in advance by using WebOodi system. Those exchange students who plan to complete the whole programme (60 ECTS) are required to send a separate application to University of Lapland.

The application deadline for studies in the full academic year or the autumn semester is May 15. The application deadline for spring semester is October 15th. More information on application procedure is available on the Admissions pages.

The ASP has no tuition fee. However, during excursions and trips students must be prepared to meet all expenses from private funds or from scholarships obtained in their own country. The University of Lapland does not have any funds available to support students in need of financial assistance.


Coordination and Contacts

The International Studies Coordinator is responsible for the practical implementation of the programme as well as practical matters such as disseminating information about the programme, study counselling and the scheduling of courses in close cooperation with the researchers and academics from the Arctic Centre and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

International Studies Coordinator
Tel. +358 (0)40 484 4195
E-mail: isc(at)