Studying Media Education

Media Education can be studied at the Faculty of Education as a major subject, leading into a Master’s degree in Education. The program is a 3 + 2 year full degree program, where the first 3 years leads to a Bachelor of Arts in Media Education degree. This BA degree is taught mainly in Finnish language. The 2-year international Master's Degree in Media Education is a continuation to the BA -degree. However, there is also a separate intake to the MA in Media Education -programme for international degree students.


Media Education has been offered as a minor subject within the Faculty’s class teacher training programme since 1997. It was first offered as a major (Education, especially Media Education) in 2001.

In 2004, a separate intake begun for students planning to major in Media Education.

In 2005, the Ministry of Education issued a decree that established the University of Lapland as the sole institution of higher education in Finland entitled to offer Media Education as a major subject.

In addition to the major in Media Education, the Faculty offers studies in the Educational use of ICT at basic and intermediate levels.