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The ServiceDesk enhances the handling of IT service requests and allows the IT personnel to spend more time on development tasks. The IT Services will also start using the joint Altiris information system of the LUC IT Services. The system is used to register support service requests, to supervise work in real time, and to transfer cases to be solved by experts when necessary. The system also enables us to measure the support services and thereby develop them continuously.

Support ServiceDesk operation complying with the joint operating model of LUC IT Services has been launched in the Municipal Education and Training Consortium Lappia and in the Rovaniemi Municipal Federation of Education.

• All IT service requests are made through the ServiceDesk – either by calling or by sending email.
• The processing of service requests is followed up continuously, and users get the status information by email.
• The ServiceDesk steers the operation of on-site support.
o Most of the service requests can be handled expediently during a phone call or after reception of an email.
o The ServiceDesk dispatches the on-site support when necessary.
o At the ServiceDesk, the University of Lapland personnel is assisted by the university's IT staff.
 Contact: email tel. 040 4844 333 or 4333
 The MTI’s personnel in Viirinkangas should primarily contact the ServiceDesk of the Rovaniemi Municipal Federation of Education at 020 798 5800 or
 (At Teacher Training School and Arctic Centre there are IT- support staff of they own available).

Please note the following
• Contact the support services via the ServiceDesk only.
• Let the ServiceDesk know about your future needs well in advance.
• When dealing with the ServiceDesk, observe the following:
o The requests are entered into the system; this will take some time.
o The ServiceDesk needs the essential information related to the request.

Maintenance break on Tuesday evening 15.11.2016 9.11.2016
There will be a maintenance break on University of Lapland network. The break is scheduled on Tue 15 ´th of November, from 9 PM to 11 PM and will affect all of the University buildings.

During the maintenance break all network and internet services will be unavailable.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the maintenance break

Further Information IT-Services tel. 040 484 4 333 servicedesk(at)