Data Administration supports the university's strategic goals and operations by use of information technology and data systems. Data Administration supports the university’s teaching, research, and administration processes and their development in cooperation with the process owners by planning, procuring, and implementing supportive data systems and ICT equipment. The task of Data Administration is to ensure that joint national services are applied to meet the needs of the university. Data Administration is an integral part of the strategic and operative management of the university.

It orders the university’s ICT services from the ICT Services of the Support Service Centre of the Lapland University Consortium (LUC). Data Administration collaborates closely with the ICT Services unit.

ICT Services
ICT services at the University of Lapland are produced by the ICT Services of the LUC Support Service Centre. The ICT Services unit provides basic services to the customers of the service centre: the University of Lapland, the Lapland´s Municipal Federation of Education, Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences,.

The basic ICT services include ICT procurement, data network services, workstation lifecycle services, network drive and printer services, user support, management of user accounts and rights, e-mail and calendar services, server operating services, and information security services