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This service is supported by the Communications and External Relations unit, email:

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In brief:
The web and intranet pages provide a communication channel for the university’s science, marketing, and community communication operations.

Service content:
The university’s communication is based on the strategy of the University of Lapland and on communication principles based on the strategy. The key functions of communication are science communication, marketing communication, and work community communication. In addition, the Communications and External Relations unit provides consultation, training, and web communication services to the work community. In this way the unit participates in research, teaching, artistic activity, social communication, and in communication that supports the work community. Communication concerns the entire work community. The executives are responsible for its strategic management, superiors for the communication of their own unit, researchers and teachers for the communication of their own field, and the general personnel for the communication concerning their duties. The Communications and External Relations unit is in charge of the coordination, planning, development, and support of the university’s communication.The above communication scheme is implemented through the university’s web and Intranet pages. Social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, video, and blogs can also be used for communication.

The University of Lapland uses Tietotalo’s InfoWeb publishing system to update its web and Intranet pages. The InfoWeb system is administered by the Communications and External Relations unit, while the server and network environment is administered by the ICT Services. The units and projects of the university can use the InfoWeb system to create and maintain their own web pages. In addition, web administrators can enter events and news to the respective sections of the university's web and Intranet pages. The administrator may belong to the university personnel or to a project.

Entering events and news articles to shared sites
Web page administrators can enter events to their own pages and to the Current Issues section of the web and  Intranet pages. These events are also visible in the Events lists of the front pages. News can be entered to the unit’s own pages and, on the Intranet side, to the Important Information and What’s New subsections of the Current Issues section. News on the web pages are managed through the Communications and External Relations unit (email:  

Service limitations:
The service does not cover the following:
•    Web pages maintained by students (e.g. student organizations)
•    The personnel’s own pages, if not related to work
•    The university network etiquette also forbids pages related to political, religious, and commercial activities.

Instructions on the InfoWeb system are available in the InfoWeb Guide section. Other guidance can be requested from the web designer of the Communications and External Relations unit.

The service is administered by the Communications and External Relations unit of the University of Lapland. Each unit or administrator is responsible for their own web page contents.

Emergency duty:
Support is available during the personnel’s working hours.