Contact information:
This service is supported by the ICT ServiceDesk.

In brief:
Project meetings can be arranged easily using the email calendar.  The calendar service can be activated both through the OWA email browser and through MS Outlook (on a workstation).  The Outlook email and a personal calendar can be installed on many mobile devices of the university.

Service content:
The email calendar service enables you to share your calendar with others, and others can reserve a meeting period from the shared calendar. A meeting can be called by entering the time in the work group’s own calendar. On the appropriate time, select New Meeting Request from the pop-up menu.  Then select the recipients of the meeting request.  The recipient may accept or reject the invitation, and the sender gets a notification of it.

The lower left corner of Outlook has four icons. One of them is Calendar, which you can activate.



After that, the calendar tools appear at the top. 



The Open Calendar option enables you to open an existing calendar on the basis of the address book, the room list, or the name.
The Calendar Groups option enables you to name the group and select the persons whose calendars will be shown in it.
The E-mail Calendar option enables you to choose the calendar to be sent via email to a selected target.
The Share Calendar option enables you to share the calendar with others in your own email environment.
The Publish Online option enables you to publish the calendar in an external network.
The Calendar Permissions option enables you to define the rights of others to use the calendar.

Calendar for group use
You must request a group calendar from the ICT ServiceDesk. Explain the grounds for the group calendar and provide a list of its users.            

Service limitations:
Other people’s calendars cannot be changed using an external email account.

Further information is available at the ServiceDesk.

Service provider:
Lapland University Consortium, ICT Services

Emergency duty:
Emergency support is available during the opening hours of the ICT ServiceDesk.