Email server’s distribution service


Contact information:
This service is supported by the ICT ServiceDesk

In brief:
The email server’s distribution lists facilitate group delivery to ulapland addresses.

Service content:
On the university’s email server, you can create a distribution list for email delivery to a group of contacts (Lay DG xxxxxx and an email address).  This message delivery concerns ulapland addresses only. A distribution list is maintained by the person in charge of it using Outlook’s Address Book.

Service limitations:
A new distribution list is requested from the ICT ServiceDesk. The grounds for creating a new list are assessed case by case. Maintaining the list requires a person in charge. The exchange of messages must comply with the rules of usage of the University of Lapland.

Further information on the email server’s distribution lists is available at the ICT ServiceDesk.

Service provider:
Lapland University Consortium, ICT Services

Emergency duty:
Emergency support is available during the opening hours of the ICT ServiceDesk.