OneDrive for Business


OneDrive for Business offers unlimited storage accessible through a web browser or an application downloadable on your Windows PC, iPhone, MAC or Android device.

Recommendations for using OneDrive for Business

You can store the majority of your work files easily on OneDrive, as the unlimited storage space enables uploading large amounts of data. Please note, though, that no backup files are made of the files stored in your OneDrive folder. In addition, it may not be possible to restore files that you accidentally or unintentionally deleted.

Never store confidential or sensitive data on OneDrive: identity or banking information and trade secrets are to be stored elsewhere. Never use OneDrive as the only storage for valuable information or data. Instead, use your personal \\halla\home\ folder provided by the University, for example.

Comparison of OneDrive for Business, \\HALLA\HOME\ and \\HALLA\WORKS\ network folders



External storage Secure storage ULapland internal storage service



OneDrive for Business Halla\home, Viipus\home Halla\works
Service provider Microsoft ULapland ICT Services ULapland ICT Services
Storage capacity 1 Tt 8 Gt  
Remote use on ULapland devices (Windows) Yes Yes Yes
Remote use on own devices Yes No No
File recovery service No Yes Yes
User groups Students, researchers, teachers, other staff  Students, researchers, teachers, other staff Researchers, teachers, other staff
Limitations of use Is not suitable for storing confidential or otherwise valuable information Is not suitable for storing large files, e.g. video material Is not suitable for storing personal files
Uploading and downloading speed Satisfactory Fast Fast
File sharing option Yes No Yes
Scope of ICT support Guidelines and user support Guidelines and user support, file recover service, technical support Guidelines and user support, file recovery service, technical support
Handling of confidential material Forbidden Allowed Allowed if the folder is protected

You can access OneDrive for Business using the following link

OneDrive for Business guidelines

Guidelines for using OneDrive for Business can be obtained at: