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Web hosting is a service where customers rent storage space on the service provider’s web server and use it for their web pages and other web services. It is possible to combine web hosting with one’s own domain. A domain can also be acquired without a web hosting service. In that case one can use e.g. the Infoweb service to create web page content.

Projects that need their own web address and storage space can subscribe to a web hosting service and get a related domain name. The storage capacity of web hosting services varies between 1 and 50 GB. Domain names may have the following endings: fi, com, eu, net, and org. Requests for web hosting services and domains are emailed to the ICT ServiceDesk.

Web hosting and domain orders are placed by the ICT Services. The ICT Services pay for web hosting services and domains needed for basic teaching and university projects. Projects running on external funding take care of their own web hosting and domain expenses.

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Emergency support is available during the opening hours of the ICT ServiceDesk.