Contact information:

Service content:
Students may use printers in ICT rooms, in special lecture rooms, and in the library. Colour prints may be made in the Faculty of Art and Design by using credits. Credits can be bought from the facility service personnel. Students must provide their own printing paper.

Service limitations:
Printing services are available through workstations, laptops, and Windows 8 tablets maintained by the ICT Services of the University of Lapland. Printing services are not accessible through the following devices:

1.    Personal equipment (laptop, tablet)
2.    Smartphones
3.    Public terminals in hallways.

Printers are named according to their location. The name of a printer is on a sticker attached to the device.

Mac OS X workstation printers are installed by the ICT Services.


The service is owned by the University of Lapland.


Emergency duty:

Support is available during the Student HelpDesk’s opening hours.


ICT  rooms and there available printer queues


If there is any problems in printing services, please contact

HelpDesk changes colour cartridge (laser printers, only black printing) in following computer rooms
ATK120,ATK121, ATK123, ATK107, ATK 119
Note: student have to buy printer papers of their own.

Colour printers \\layfp01\ttk05mo and \\layfp01\ttk04mo have named users who take care of the printer.  Matti Tuomikumpu at Pöykkölä changes colour  cartridges.

You are able to check the reservation of computer rooms, where the computer room is and installed programs from booking system


Colour printing is chargeable

  • The PCounter credits are reclaim able at  Pöykkölä from caretaker Jorma Aho and at Siljotie from caretaker Saini Torvinen. Payment only by cash.
  • In order to get possibility to print using your own userid, you have to pay credits of PCounter . One A4 page costs 20 cents snd One A3 page 40 cents
    Print as usual by using print queue
  • Printing using MAC- computers
    • Apple->System Preferences->Print & Fax
    • Choose from Printers –list \\LAYFP01\ttk05mo
    • Choose also Paper size from Default Papersize in Page Setup
    • Remember that printers paper size and the paper size of the program you use have to be the same.
    Most common paper sizes: A4 (210x299mm) A3 (297x 420 mm) and posters/banners SRA3 (320x4450mm).
  • There is no possible to check PCounter credits left in Mac-computers
  • if there is no credits left an you try to print, there appears on the screen a menu where text  "ADmit Mac Printing Authentication, Enter Username and password for ." -> choose then " Cancel Print Job" and pay first credit from the info center.


How to Add a printer in Windows 7

As a default there is a printer queue  installed to your profile. Printer queue is the same as the queue of the computer room where you are logged in.

If there is no queue or you wish to use an other printer queue, please follow instructions below:
Every user must insert to the own profile the name of the printing queue, where the file will be printed.
The format of the printing queue used by students:
\\viipus\nameoftheprinter nameoftheprinter= atk_number of the computer room_la
f.i \\viipus\atk120la = laser printing in computer room ATK120 (A-wing)
(colour printers f.i \\layfp01\nameoftheprinter)

Add a printer to your profile (Windows 7)

Start -> Device and Printers
-> Add a printer
-> Add a network printer
Select a printer from the list or if
The printer that I want isn´t listed
Select a shared printer by name
Write to the field \\viipus\atk tai \\sarmi-old\atk
You get a list of printers, select the printer
Program will install the driver.
Choose next and Finish

( if the printer queue does not work properly, please try to remove the printer and add it again) 

(Charge able printing, you have to pay PCounter Credits)
look the file "Printing instructions"



ATK120 \\viipus\atk120la
ATK121 \\viipus\atk121la
ATK123 \\viipus\ls21la
ATK124 \\viipus\atk124la
ATK107 \\viipus\ls107la
ATK119 \\viipus\atk119la

Other printers
Itseopiskelutila, A-wing, floor below \\viipus\itop01la
Library, 1.floor,near window \\viipus\kirj01la
Library, 2. floor  \\viipus\ls21la