Please, contact the HelpDesk if you have questions or problems related to the self-study room.

Contact information:

In brief:
The self-study room is located in the university’s main building (Yliopistokatu 8, A-wing basement).
To access the room, use the outside door at the end of the A-wing. Continue to the basement; the door to the self-study room is behind a metal door. The room can be used throughout the year. There are computers and a printer in it. You can get the electronic access key from the HelpDesk.

Service content:

1)    Key loans: The HelpDesk gives you the key and may extend its validity period, if necessary.
2)    Printing services: The HelpDesk will replace the ink cartridge and solve printing problems.
3)    IT support: In computer-related problems, please contact the HelpDesk.

Service limitations:

1)    The self-study room can be entered without a key during the university’s opening hours. Outside the opening hours you will need an electronic key.
2)    To get the key you must have a right to study at the University of Lapland.  The key is valid for 1 month at a time.
3)    The HelpDesk will not visit the room if no problem has been reported. It is therefore important that you report for example an empty ink cartridge.

Service provider:
Lapland University Consortium, ICT Services

Emergency duty:
Support is available during the HelpDesk’s opening hours.