The Students use eduroam wlan.

Eduroam wlan network is intended for staff and students own laptops, as well as the use of mobile terminals (laptops, which are IT service management and includes LUC.LOCAL active directory, use the LUC wlan network). Eduroam allows for roaming in organizations that have joined eduroam community.


Eduroam settings can be found at


The personnel of the Univeritys of Lapland log  in to the LUC wlan automatically, when they are using laptops maintained by the ICT-Services.


The wireless network intended to visitors use in University of Lapland (Guest wlan)


The wlan uses WPA-PSK (WiFi Protected Access – Pre Shared Key) authentication mechanism. Visitors will get the key from the servicedesk.


The users of the wireless network should take care of security way of usage: they have to use secure point-to-point connections when using services containing confidential data (e.g. ssl-secured connection, vpn-connections


Further Information  (FIN)






Contact information:

Support and advice

In brief:


The HelpDesk and the servicedesk for staff of the University of Lapland provides WLAN support. Students, staff   and  visitors who have access and user name to some eduroam organisation can use the university’s Eduroam wireless network, which can be accessed using the personal username and password. The Eduroam username of the users of  the Uiniverity of Lapland  is and the password is the same password as is used in WebOodi, Optima, and the email service.

Visitors may also use the Guest Network by requesting a password from the HelpDesk or servicedesk.


Services content:

1) Wireless network login advice
2) Problem solving and guidance
3) Handing out the Guest Network password to visitors

Service limitations:

1) The wireless network is available in the following locations of the University of Lapland: Yliopistonkatu 8 (main campus), the university’s guest house, Siljotie 2 (Rotko), Hallituskatu 20 (Vilhontalo), Laajakaista 3 (Pöykkölä), Training School (Pohjolankatu 23), and the Arctic Centre (Pohjoisranta 4).
2) The WLAN support service is meant for the staff of. the students of and visitors to the university.


Service provider:
Lapland University Consortium, ICT Services


Emergency duty:
Support is available during the HelpDesk’s  and Servivedesk´s opening hours.