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In brief:
The personnel’s remote access service aims to improve the ease of use, scope, and security of accessing the information systems and services of the University of Lapland from outside the network.

Service content:

Remote access services:
1.    \\halla\works\        Personnel file storage service
2.    \\halla\home\        Users’ personal protected file storage service (H: drive)
3.    Aditro, HR             Salary system assessments (YPJ) (Note! Not yet included in the service)   
4.    InfoWeb maintenance    Maintenance of the Internet and intranet pages

Remote access also covers the following services:
1.    Rondo              Invoice approval
2.    M2                     Travel invoices
3.    Intra                  University personnel’s intranet
4.    Reportronic     Work hour reporting

Service limitations:
The remote access service is available on the university personnel’s Windows laptops and tablets that are maintained by the ICT Services.
The service is not available on the following terminals:
1.    Mac workstations
2.    Android and Apple tablets
3.    Smartphones

When using the personnel’s remote access service, the university’s telecommuting instructions are to be followed (in Finnish):
After publication of the service, you must start your workstation once while logged into the university network in order to save the necessary settings. Thereafter the remote access service is automatically available on your workstation regardless of the network connection. A weak mobile data connection may, however, block the service.
After launch, the service does not require further action from you; it is always available when using a university Windows workstation or tablet connected to the Internet. The service is not available for personal home computers.

The service is owned by the ICT Services of the Lapland University Consortium.

Emergency duty:
Emergency support is available during the opening hours of the ICT ServiceDesk.