Contact information:

AV Services
The support persons are Anne Uusitalo and Teuvo Piitsalo, email:
Telecommunication Services
The support person is Ismo Tiainen, email:

In brief:
AV Services The services concern the audiovisual equipment, video conferencing, and AV procurement of the lecture rooms and halls at the University of Lapland.
Telecommunication Services The services concern the mobile equipment and the related issues at the University of Lapland.

Service content:

AV Services

AV services are available particularly to basic education but also to the faculties, departments, special units, and external event organizers of the University of Lapland. The AV services cover AV equipment briefings in teaching facilities, AV procurement, as well as the coordination of and support for videoconferencing and teleconferencing.
The AV Services provides headsets, speaker phones, video projectors, voice recorders, video cameras, etc.

Telecommunication Services    

The Telecommunication Services procures the mobile equipment and tablets, takes care of the phone connections, and gives advice on using phones and applications at the University of Lapland. Tablets are procured as necessary and delivered to customers via the ICT ServiceDesk. Phone procurement starts from a mapping of needs that the Telecommunication Services makes together with the client. Phones are procured by the Telecommunication Services based on the mapping of needs.  The delivery time of basic models is 1 – 5 days, depending on the work load.  The delivery time of special models is longer.
The Telecommunication Services guides and trains the university personnel in using phones and solving problems. It also takes care of phone data security issues.

Service limitations:
AV services are available during office hours and at other times as agreed.
Telecommunication services are available during office hours.

Service provider:
Lapland University Consortium, ICT Services

Emergency duty:
Support is available during office hours.