Full contact information and opening hours

In brief:

The student HelpDesk of the University of Lapland provides ICT support and advice for students. It assists students in issues related to usernames, ICT system support requests, licences and programmes, and general support. The HelpDesk also handles video conference and AV support requests if the AV support service is not available.

Services content:

1) Username issues: Changing a password, issuing new usernames and new visitor and Webropol usernames, providing username advice, and giving instructions.
2) ICT system support: Solving email problems and providing guidance and advice on the WebOodi and Optima systems.
3) Licences and programmes: Issuing Pasw21 statistical analysis programmes and licences to students. In addition, students are given recommendations, advice, and assistance on freeware such as Avast, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice.
4) User support issues: Printing support (e.g. changing ink cartridges, clearing queues and paper jams, and giving advice); WLAN support (PC, Mac, Android, and Linux); Office software support and advice; key loans to the self-study room; operating system support for the Mac, PC, and Android environments; virus protection advice and support; students' typical ICT problems; student laptop image installation; and mobile environment support.
5) Videoconferencing and AV support issues: The HelpDesk is on duty and starts up evening video conferences. In addition, the HelpDesk sees to the daytime duties of AV support.

Service limitations:

1) The HelpDesk service is aimed for students.
2) It does not make house calls.
3) There is typically only one person on duty. Customers visiting the HelpDesk are prioritized higher than those requesting support by phone. Therefore, it the phone is sometimes not answered. If you cannot visit the HelpDesk, we recommend you to use email.
4) The user privileges of the HelpDesk do not suffice to solve every problem related to usernames. In such a case the HelpDesk outlines the problem and converts the support request into a more manageable form, after which the customer is directed to a problem-specific expert (ServiceDesk).


Service instructions:

You can get case-specific instructions by emailing, calling, or visiting the HelpDesk.



The HelpDesk service is managed by the ICT Services of the Lapland University Consortium.


Emergency duty:

Support is available during the HelpDesk’s opening hours.