User accounts

The user accounts and email addresses of all employees and students of the University of Lapland are generated automatically. The user accounts are used to log into systems, e.g. WebOodi, Optima, the email system, classroom workstations, and the wireless network.

In certain cases a user account may also be granted to a person who is not an employee or student of the University of Lapland. These people must apply for a user account separately. More information about user accounts is available behind the links on the left.


If you forgot your password or have other problems

If your password has expired but you still remember your old password you can change the password either in here: or through OWA-email

The password is changed through the OWA email system by logging into the system and by choosing the option "asetukset -> vaihda salasana”(Settings -> Change password).  

If you have forgotten the password you can change it using your Finnish online banking account or mobile certificate on the web site Click the link on the right side to get the user’s guide for the password changing.

You can also change a forgotten password by visiting the ICT ServiceDesk or student HelpDesk If this is not possible, use the contact information behind the link above.

In case of problems, employees should contact the ICT ServiceDesk and students should contact the student HelpDesk. When the student HelpDesk is closed, also students should contact the ICT ServiceDesk.

User account activation

A user account may be activated either with a Finnish online banking account or a mobile certificate on the web site

Information about the mobile certificate is on the web site

If you do not have a Finnish online banking account or a mobile certificate, contact the

ICT ServiceDesk or the student HelpDesk

In summer and at Christmas when the student HelpDesk is closed, also students may contact the ICT ServiceDesk.

Click the link below to see the contact information of the ICT ServiceDesk and student HelpDesk.

Click the link on the right side to get the user’s guide for the user account activation.

About the user accounts

All students at the University of Lapland have a personal username that provides access to the computer network services. The username is made up of letters combined from the user’s first name and surname. For example, someone called Eddie Exemplary might have the username eexempla and the email address A username provides the following user rights:

Detailed information for each student group is on the left side of this page. The information covers the granting of usernames and the grounds for user rights.

Where you can use your user account?


You can log into the following services with your username



Completed courses
Credit transcripts
Semester and course registrations
Maintenance of contact information


 Optima web-based learning environment

 Remote access to library databases
 Email   https:/
 The university computer Network

 e.g. computer room workstations

Domain: LUC

 The university’s wireless Network

Domain: LUC

 The University of Lapland Intranet  
















User instructions and termination of user rights

In accepting a username, you are also agreeing to abide by the University of Lapland´s rules of network and computer usage. The rules can be viewed on the university’s web page You should ALWAYS log off the system when finished working.

User accounts are closed 7 days after the termination of a right to study. Before closing the account, you must transfer and delete your files and emails from the university’s information systems.

Further information and rules can be found on the ICT Services web pages t. In problem situations, the student HelpDesk is at your service. You should always contact the ICT Services through email, if possible.