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In brief:
External users are given a u-username.

Service content:

1) The username of an external person (allowed on limited grounds) is requested by the personnel aware of the case. Examples of the grounds for granting a u-username: Taking an Optima course intended for persons from outside the university or working at the university on external funding.
2) To get the username, a member of the personnel fills out an ICT form found on the Intranet (Ulkopuolisen opiskelijan/henkilökunnan tunnustilauslomake LaY).
3) The ICT Services enters into the university system the information needed for the u-username.
4) An email account and/or Optima rights can be manually added to the username.
5) The ICT Services delivers the username to a personnel liaison who delivers it to the external person in question. Contact the ServiceDesk
6) The liaison gives the new password to the external user (identification).

Service limitations:
The u-username becomes available within 1 – 4 days from its creation.
The u-username is handed to the person who ordered it for further delivery to the external user.
The personnel (not the user) apply for an extension for the u-username.
When the employment relationship has ended, the external username is locked on the date entered into the FIM portal.
The mailbox remains in operation for 180 days after the end of the employment relationship.
A new username request for the same external user generates a new u-username creation process.
The password of the u-username must be renewed every six months