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In brief:

An employee is given a username enabling the use of the university’s information systems.


Service content:
1) You must fetch the username from the ServiceDesk
2) The username is handed to you against a valid ID (driver’s licence, passport, etc.).
3) Getting a new password requires identification.

Usernames covered by the service:
1) u-usernames
2) Visitor usernames
3) Student usernames

The username of an external person (allowed on limited grounds) is requested by the personnel aware of the case. To get the username, go to the Intranet and fill out the appropriate ICT form (Ulkopuolisen käyttäjän tunnustilauslomake LaY). Then take it to the ServiceDesk.
A visitor username is meant for a short period (1 day – 2 weeks). The personnel may request a visitor username from the ServiceDesk.

Service limitations:
A normal username is given one day after the Personnel Administration has recorded the user's information. The username shall not be handed to anyone else. Access rights to the necessary systems will be added to the username.
The password must be renewed every six months. An extension period is requested by the personnel (not by the user).

The user account is terminated seven days after the end of the employment relationship. The mailbox remains in operation 180 days after the end of the employment relationship. The user’s possible new contract of employment activates the same username (and password) as before.

Further information about user rights and passwords


The service is owned by the ICT Services of the Lapland University Consortium.

Emergency duty:
Emergency support is available during the opening hours of the ICT ServiceDesk.