ICT procurement

Workstations and laptops

All the workstation and laptop procurements at the University of Lapland are made by the ICT Services. The equipment is replaced according to the lifecycle model. Workstations have a lifecycle of five and laptops four years. The manufacturer’s warranty is valid for the period in question.
Workstations and laptops are purchased 3 – 4 times a year in large batches. As a rule, the options are one desktop model and two laptop models. Based on the procurement proposal, the ICT Services provides a workstation or a laptop for a new employee. The proposal should be delivered to the ICT Services 30 days before the start of the employment.

Project equipment is provided on the basis of procurement proposals. The ICT Services provides equipment on the basis of proposals. Alternatively, a device corresponding to a procurement proposal can be given to a project from among equipment purchased as a batch. The project’s financer takes part in the workstation costs through the general expenses coefficient. The procurement proposal must have a sufficiently detailed description of the item to be purchased and it must be signed by the paying unit’s head of financing. The procurement proposal template is available on the intranet. The proposal is delivered to the ICT Services office.

Workstations for teaching premises are purchased by Data Administration and the ICT Services as required and according to the lifecycle model.

The ICT Services renews the workstations and laptops according to an annual plan. When a workstation or laptop must be replaced, the ICT Services will contact the user. It is agreed whether the equipment is replaced with a workstation or a laptop. As a rule, workstations are replaced with workstations and laptops with laptops. Also the schedule, the material to be transferred, and the software to be installed are agreed on with the user.
In procurement issues, send an e-mail to servicedesk(at)ulapland.fi.



The University of Lapland has made a decision to give up personal printers. However, printers will remain in customer service and in functions that require a personal or group-specific printer.

Printers and multifunction equipment are purchased through the ICT Services. Printers and multifunction equipment are replaced according to the lifecycle model. Users and the ICT Services assess the need for new printers and multifunction equipment.

In procurement issues regarding printers and multifunction equipment, send an e-mail to servicedesk(at)ulapland.fi.


Special needs

In special cases, equipment procurements are made jointly by the ICT Services and units or projects.

Software licences regarding university equipment:

The workstations of the university are administered centrally by the ICT Services. It makes all the equipment and software installations. At least a basic software package is installed in new workstations. These basic programs are also listed in the ICT procurement proposal form (Atk-hankintaesitys), which is available on the intranet and as a link on this page.

If you wish to transfer previously-installed special programs from your old workstation to the new one, you must specify them in the procurement proposal form.

As for Microsoft’s products, only our full-time personnel (cf. emerita and docents) have permission to use the Windows operating system and the Office package that are covered by the campus licence. Thus, if a person retires and continues as an emeritus he/she is not allowed to use licences covered by the MS Campus on a workstation owned and administered by the university. Instead, the faculty must acquire separate licences for that purpose.  In such cases a procurement proposal concerning the software must delivered to the ICT Services. 

The basic software package contains the following PROGRAMS: 

Windows 7 Enterprise MUI (ENG, FI, SWE) Win7 SP1,Internet Explorer MUI (ENG, FI, SWE) IE8. SP1Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX 11.3.300.257,Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin, Adobe Air, Adober Reader 10.1.3, Adobe Shockwave Player, Adobe Digital Editions,  eWebEditPro 4 Client       4,  Java ™ 6 Update 32      6.32, McAfee AntiSpyware Enterprise Module, McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, Microsoft Office Language Pack 2010 – Finnish 14.0.4763.1000, Microsoft Office Language Pack 2010 – Swedish 14.0.4763.1000’ Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 MUI 14.0.4763.1000, Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.10411.0, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edititon [ENU] 3.1.0000, Mozilla Firefox (ENG)12.0, PDF-Xcange Pro 4.0  , QuickTime, Windows Live Essentials            15.4.3555.0308, VLC media player 2.0.1,  Write-N-Cite, Power DVD katseluohjelma 8.3, Roxio Creator CD/DVD        10.3

Computer rooms have also PASW Statistics (SPSS)       18.0.3

If some other special software, e.g. Adobe Acrobat Professional  is needed on a workstation owned by the university, it must always be acquired separately.  At the University of Lapland, the costs of separate software are paid by the unit that is purchasing the software to be installed on a workstation. According to the rules of finance at the University of Lapland, all software products are procured by the ICT Services, which thereby functions as the university’s procurement unit.  Information on prices and other issues is available at the ICT Services in the address below. 

The actual software procurement process starts when the purchasing unit sends a procurement proposal to the ICT Services. The proposal must specify the product and be signed by the head of financing of the unit or project. The ICT Services then carries out the procurement according to legislation and regulations. The process ends when the ICT Services installs the workstation software. Invoicing is carried out in a normal manner through the university's invoicing system.  If you have any questions on software procurement, send an e-mail to ohjelmahankinta(at)ulapland.fi (replace ‘at’ with @).

Software orders are normally made within a week from the arrival of the procurement proposal. If the procurement must be placed for competitive bidding (the national threshold value is €30,000 for a commodity or service procurement), then the preparation time is roughly 2 months in accordance with the Act on Public Contracts.  For smaller procurements, a two-week preparation time must be reserved. Software products are normally delivered from the supplier to the university in 1–2 weeks. The delivery time is sometimes longer in shipments from abroad. The installation schedule is also affected by the work load of the ICT Services.

An employee or unit must therefore reserve at least 3 weeks for the delivery of special software. In the case of Adobe and Microsoft software, the ICT Services can usually accept the software installation on its work list already at the reception of a properly made procurement proposal. In such cases the ICT Services must already have the necessary installation media and volume installation keys for the software in question.  The delivery time is from a couple of days to two weeks, depending on the work situation.