The ICT Services advice the personnel in using computers.


Usernames and Passwords

Each new employee is automatically given a username for the most important systems. The links to the systems are in the Tools section of the Intranet’s home page.


If you do not have a username for the university’s information systems, send an email to the ICT Services or visit the ICT ServiceDesk.


The ICT Services provide a work computer or laptop to the employees. Discuss with your faculty or unit what tools you need in your work.

The same username applies to your computer, email, and some other systems (e.g. the M2 travel management system).  

   M2 Travel Management System


   Personec ESS and HR (annual holidays, leaves of absence)


Information to new employees. A PowerPoint file containing university-related information has been collected for new employees. Employees, either alone or as a group, may study the material with their mentor. The information materials are available
Information for new employees