Contact information:

Service content:
The personnel can use the printers and multifunction devices of the University of Lapland. Printing services are accessible via the fixed network and the WLAN. The services include black-and-white printing, colour printing, copying, scanning into email, and in some cases faxing.

Service limitations:

Printing services are available through workstations, laptops, and Windows 8 tablets maintained by the ICT Services of the University of Lapland. Printing services are not accessible through the following devices:
1.    Personal equipment (laptop, tablet)
2.    Smartphones
3.    Android and iOS tablets

Printers are named according to their location. The name is on a sticker attached to the device.

Printers are installed on one’s own workstation using the name of the printer in the following format: \\server\printer.

\\layfp02\a-siipi01mo        This is a multifunction printer located in the A-wing (printing, copying, scanning).
\\layfp02\c-siipi07la           This is a black-and-white laser printer located in the C-wing (printing only).

The service is owned by the University of Lapland.

Emergency duty:
Emergency support is available during the opening hours of the ICT ServiceDesk.