Contact information:
This service is supported by the Travel Management of the University of Lapland.
Travel Management is located in Pöykkölä (street address: Laajakaista 3).

Full contact information and opening hours:

In brief:
Our university uses the M2 Travel Management System. The system covers travel management, travel planning, invoicing, and statistics. All the personnel are given access to the M2 Travel Management System.

Service content:
Here is an introduction to the university’s travel management system:

Travel Management System – M2
The Toolbox on the Intranet has an M2 icon.  You can access the system and the guides in Finnish and English by clicking the M2 icon.  



Travel reservation – HRG
Travel reservation requests are made by the personnel and sent to HRG Nordic Oy for processing.

The Toolbox on the Intranet has an HRG icon.



Service limitations:
Use your University of Lapland username to access the service.
If you make several unsuccessful attempts to log in, the username is locked.
The service is accessed through the HAKA login procedure.


Service provider:
The travel service is provided by the Travel Management of the University of Lapland.

Emergency duty:
Support is available during the office hours.

Marja Collins
Privatel: 2733 GSM: 040 013 8889; Language Centre, HY, Teacher Training School, Congress Services, Library, and MTI

Tiina Kangas
Privatel: 2229, GSM: 040 484 4474; Faculty of Social Sciences, LAPPEA, and SOS

Arja Karjalainen
Privatel: 2379 GSM: 040 484 4382; Faculty of Art and Design, Faculty of Law, Open University, Education and Development Services, and Faculty of Education

Johanna Peltoperä
Privatel: 2299 GSM: 040 484 4470; Arctic Centre