Work hour reporting – REPORTRONIC


Contact information:
This service is supported by
Tarja Koski, Supplementary Financing, the University of Lapland.


Full contact information and opening hours:


In brief:
Reportronic is used for project management and work hour reporting.
The ICT Services creates a Reportronic username when needed.

Service content:
Reportronic is used for monitoring project budgets, financing, expenses, and work hours.
Instructions for work hour reporting are available in the following document:  

The Toolbox on the Intranet has an icon that starts the programme.


Service limitations:
The service can be accessed by the university personnel who have a user account.  
Those with a user account report their work hours performed in a project.
The user privileges are limited to viewing data or to updating them to the extent required by the tasks in question.

Service provider:
Lapland University Consortium, ICT Services

Emergency duty:
The service is supported during office hours by Tarja Koski (email: