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Discendum Optima

The Discendum Optima service is an innovative learning environment, which enables the realization of a variety of learning models and pedagogical ideas. It is both effective and versatile in fulfilling the multi-faceted requirements of group work and interactivity. Core work within the environment, can be carried out in either a single, or multiple work spaces. By clicking on the Work space button, you will see in the left panel, those work spaces in which you can participate.
In the workspace you can for example;
• Read and create various documents and web-pages
• Do exercises and fill in forms
• Create different types of documents, either alone or as a group, e.g. html pages
• Take part in discussions: you can read other’s messages and post your own.
• Make use of the task functions and calendar
Inside the environment you use a desktop, with which you manage your work in different spaces. There you will see any entries added to a work spaces’ material, all discussion topic entries as well as all your own documents. Additionally, you have your own folder, in which you can for example maintain your study diary, work on your own documents and archive interesting study material. In order to use Discendum Optima, you need a computer connected to the internet, and a web browser. The minimum requirement for your web browser is Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4 or later. Alternatively you can use Mozilla or Mozilla Firefox.

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