Student Services


The HelpDesk provides students with computing related support. The HelpDesk
is located on the 1st floor of the D-wing, in the main building, Opposite of the Cafe Lovisa.  Opening hours
are Mon, Tue, Thu 9.00-16.00, Wed 9.00-17.00 and on Fri 9.00-15.00. The HelpDesk can be contacted
by e-mail: helpdesk(at) and by phone: +358 40 484 44 88.


  • We provide general advice on computing related issues.
  • Malfunctioning floppy-disks and cd-roms - we can try to
    recover lost files from corrupted media.

E-mail clients, user-names and passwords

  • We provide information on user permissions.  
  • We handle and give out new user-names and passwords. (proof of ID needed) 
  • Assistance is provided if your password does not work or is out of date
  • Forgotten or lost passwords can be changed. (proof of ID neened)
  • Changes in user-name if your name has changed.
  • If your university e-mail account doesn´t work we will fix it.
  • We do NOT provide any usernames/passwords per telephone or email. 

Printing and Computer problems

  • If a classroom printer does not work, inform us and we will arrange to get it repaired.
  • Print queues can be removed by HelpDesk staff.
  • Ink cartridges are replaced when empty, so please inform us. Tell us the number of the classroom and which printer the problem is about.

Computer rooms

Computers in the computer rooms may be used freely, when they are not reserved
for classes. The computers are primaly reserved for student use. Anyone internet surfing,
using chat etc. can be asked to give up their computer if there are not enough computers
available for study purposes. Installation of software or hardware is strictly forbidden!

You can see where computer rooms are located via this link: computer rooms

Main Building

  • 120 (Wing-A SosTyö.1st floor)
  • 121 (Wing-A SosTyö, 1st floor)
  • Self Study Room (Wing-A Sos Työ(basement))
  • 21 (Wing-B Library/2nd floor)
  • 124 (Wing- C OTK/2nd floor)
  • 119 (Wing -D KTK/basement)
  • 107 (Wing-D KTK/Media-station/1st floor)
  • Pöykkölä 1´sr floor
    • Pf 1056 (PC, CAD studio)
  • Pöykkölä2´nd floor
    • Pf 2024 (TM3, PC)
    • Pf 2071 (grafic Mac)
    • Pf 2080 (Mac)
    • Pf 2060 (PC, TM 2)
    • Pf 2067 (Multimedia, MAC)
    • Pöykkölä, 3´rd floor
    • Pf3082 (PC)
    • Pf3083  (PC)
    Rotko, Siljotie
    • RF4020 3´nd floor (2 Mac)
    • RF0043 (Mac) 1´st floor
    • RF4092 (Mediapedagogi (MAC))