Research at the Faculty of Art and Design

Research conducted by the Faculty of Art and Design focuses on plural, multicultural art and design in the northern regions as well as different creative solutions in art and design developed for the needs of services in the north.

A lively dialogue between science and art adds its unique stamp on the Faculty’s research activities. Science and art become integrated, for example, in the development of design and media as well as in constructing new communal art education methods. Alongside their scientific approach, many of the Faculty’s doctoral dissertations include an artistic element, such as an exhibition or product development project.

Objects of research include e.g. high tech materials, virtual environments, service design and relating information and methodological issues, northern art history and culture, social media and communal art education. In addition, the faculty studies ecologically, economically, culturally and socially sustainable design; environmental, communal and winter art as well as media art and fine art.

Furthermore, the Faculty is largely involved in developmental studies, which create new applications and innovations for business life, culture, education, the tourism sector and leisure and wellbeing services.