Courses for Exchange Students

Following information has been produced to assist international exchange student candidates to plan their studies in the faculty of art and design.

We have created seven various modules for the autumn and spring semester of which we ask you to choose the most suitable one for you.

The modules are created to
- inform applicants on the studies when planning the exchange;
- to guarantee students 25 - 30 ECTS credits of studies per semester which is commonly required by partner institutions;
- to avoid overlapping in course timetables;
- to reserve exchange students  places in workshops and courses with limited number of students.

International exchange students are expected to complete 25-30 ECTS credits per semester or 50-60 ECTS credits per academic year unless his/her home institution states otherwise.

In the modules of interior and textile design and in clothing design, as well as in some courses in other modules exchange students are integrated to the classes where majority of the students are Finnish. Thus the language of instruction is also Finnish. In such situations exchange students will get individual tutoring by the teachers and the studies are supported by literature, presentations and excercises in English.

In Graphic design there we are annually able to accept only few students, 2-5 per semester depending on the availability of studies.

If your study plan is not complete with the courses offered in the chosen module, please  complete your study plan with other courses within the faculty’s offer or with other courses offered in English by the university. This information is available in In most courses of the faculty there is a restricted entry and we need to check each choice individually. 

If a certain module exceeds 30 credits, you can leave out some courses which you do not find relevant for you.

If you are planning to work mainly independently on your artistic production or on your master’s or doctor’s research, you are free to build your own study plan for the exchange period. However, access to courses with a course size limit will be dependent on the availability of free places and whether you meet the requirements for the course via completed and approved course prerequisite studies. You also need the course teacher's permission. Information on free places is available prior the start of the course. Please note: Personal study plans may also lead to overlapping classes.