Art Education Program

The program for teachers of art education offers students pedagogical, artistic, theoretical, as well as scientific tools to manage the subject of their studies.

In his/her major the student will complete cumulative course packages in the fields of practical art education, theory of image, artistic expression, and research.

The aim of the studies is to develop the students’ independent skills of searching for artistic and scientific information as well as their ability to apply the information in their own research.

Moreover, students are encouraged to build a broader job identity. Those with a master’s degree are qualified for teaching positions in comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools. They are also qualified to teach art education in vocational schools, art schools for youth, and independent educational institutes. The master’s degree program includes 35 credits of elective studies, which offers the possibility to broaden one’s qualifications by acquiring another subject to teach.

Students majoring in art education are encouraged to develop groundbreaking thinking without forgetting knowledge of the existing research in the field. The courses are being developed to answer the needs of practical art education in the future. In different stages of the program, time is spent analysing functional models in the field of art in terms of the Nordic dimension. Furthermore, the program is working on a project study model which focuses on interaction with other interest groups. There are also plans to integrate new technology with teaching, research, and art productions.