Applied Visual Arts

Visual arts and cultural productions have become an integral part of the tourism-related experience industry. On the one hand, this requires new skills from the artists, and on the other, it offers an inviting setting for developing and enhancing the ways of creating art. The program aims to integrate artistic skills as well as practise-based and scientific knowledge to create ecologically and ethically sound experience environments, services, and art productions that are based on the cultural heritage and traditions of the area and its people. The studies include project-based collaboration with cultural institutions and tourism companies in Lapland and the Barents region.

The Master’s Degree in Applied Visual Arts is a two-year program. The graduates will obtain the Master of Arts (Art and Design) degree. The programme is organized jointly by the Faculty of Art and Design at the University of Lapland and Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences as part of the Insitute for Northern Culture. The studies take place in Rovaniemi and in Tornio, Finland.

The programme consists of studies in Applied Visual Arts (85 cr.) and minor subject studies (35 cr.). The studies in Applied Visual Arts include environmental art, community art, project studies, and research. The minor subject studies include design studies (20 cr.) and optional studies (15 cr.) in six alternative fields: environmental design, entrepreneurship, tourism research, environmental studies, cultural industries, and Arctic studies.