Asta Sutton, M.A. (art and design)


Art and Nature of Unconscious

I intend to find out what occurs in the human mind during the unconscious process. The main goal is to understand the unconscious of the artist. The dissertation is a case study of three artists; the surrealist Salvador Dali, the abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock and the modern artist Mike Kelley. The study deals with each artist and their unconscious histories.

I investigate the differences and common factors of the unconscious between art, artists and science. The study clarifies aspects emphasized by the artists and looks for factors that are important regarding the research: Why do artists crave to paint? What do they search for through art? What are the reasons for their work?

Primarily, the material on the unconscious is collected by studying history and the main thinkers of psychology, philosophy, cognitive studies and neuroscience. Also art and theories of the unconscious are studied, for example surrealism, abstract expressionism and modern art. References to the unconscious and their relation to other fields are documented. The study will first focus on the differences between the conscious and the unconscious, after which it concentrates on the unconscious. 

Central concepts : art, art process, conscious, unconscious, surrealism, abstract expressionism, modern art