Marja Vainio, M.A. (Art and Design), M.A.


The Road to Rukajärvi. Journey to the film and history.

Marja Vainio examines historical past through the film Ambush (Rukajärven tie) directed by Olli Saarela. The research goes through in detail the story of the platoon during the first days of Continuation War. The film describes only about a one week period when the platoon rounded to the back of the enemy to find out the situation of the front of the 14th division. The research concentrates also on the single crew of a small unit which mission is a separate event in the bigger part of the front attack.

The main interest is the interaction between reality and film: what kind of picture the story creates of the past and on the another hand what do historical sources tell about the course of events. The aim of studying and analysing this single historical film is to find out what kind of information the film shows from history and how the film creates its own picture of the past. The sources of the research are based on interviews and archives which are for example collected from the Military Archives of Finland, the Folklore Archives of Finland and the Finnish Film Archive.

Central concepts : art education, film studies, Continuation War, cultural history