Textile and Clothing Design

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| Original Photos: Leena Aro | Clothing Design: Katja Palomaa and Ella Suitiala |


The degree programme approaches the profession of clothing design from a multidisciplinary and artistic point of view. The aim is to combine knowledge of the practices of the field with university-level research and thereby to offer challenging perspectives into research, design and practical applications.

At the heart of fashion and clothing design lies high-quality design, focused not only on the fashion trends of the day but also on special working garments and sports apparel for specific target groups, as well as on the use of innovative materials and technologies. Further points of emphasis are creative, artistic design of unique dresses or theatre, movie and experience clothing, as well as research in these areas.

Design and research spring from a user-driven perspective and students are guided towards making a future career of participatory design. Clothing design studies include designing outfits and collections for various target groups, as well as patterning and commercialisation, material science and project practices. The all-encompassing objective for the field of study is to produce responsible design according to the principles of sustainable development.

The professionals who graduate from the degree programme can find employment as experts and designers in the clothing industry or the fashion trade, as teachers or researchers, or as independent designers of fashion collections.