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| Original photos: Leena Aro | Clothing Design: Sanna Konola |

Degree Program in Textile and Clothing Design

Interior and Textile Design
Clothing Design

The degree program in Textile and Clothing Design offers the three-year Bachelor of Art (120 credits) and the five-year Master of Art (180 credits) degrees. The Department also maintains a doctoral program, admission to which requires the master’s degree.

Two concentrations are available in Department’s programs: Interior and Textile Design or Clothing Design. The basic and subject studies in these fields provide graduates with the necessary competence to practice a profession as well as the broad-based knowledge needed to approach their work in artistic, technical and commercial perspectives.

Advanced studies in the major subject seek to deepen the students’ professional perspective on the field of textile and clothing design and to enhance their insights into the field with a view to doing research.

The degrees include general studies, which provide a foundation in language and communication as well as in entrepreneurial economics and marketing. Art and culture studies guide encompass the study of art and culture, aesthetics and the philosophy of science. CAD courses in design technology create a foundation for computer-aided textile and clothing design.