Department of Textile and Clothing Design

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| Original photos: Leena Aro | Clothing Design: Riikka Oikarainen, Solja Temmes, Elina Antila |

The degree program in Textile and Clothing Design provides students with the know-how they will need as the experts of tomorrow, who will be able to combine local and the global elements in their work.

The Department is very much involved in the development of science, art and technology on the international level and contributes its own expertise to research and development in the field of textile and clothing design. The Department’s research laboratories and studios and experimental fields for its design work offer users the opportunity to explore alternative solutions to the challenges of the twenty first century.

The Department’s virtual design studio and the Faculty’s research unit on new media together form an effective environment for computer modeling and visualization which supports even demanding virtual reality and simulation applications.

Ongoing research:
BODY-FIT research project 1.8.2009 - 31.7.2011


Completed research:
BODY-SCANNER: Virtual measurement, design and fitting environment 15.2.2009 - 31.5.2009
VAPI project 1.2.2007 - 31.12.2007
DUODJI project 1.6.2006 - 31.10.2007
HOIVI: Healing Wool 1.2.2006 - 31.10.2007
LUXURY: Emergence of Luxury: Multidisciplinary Approach to Hidden Values and Pleasure Factors in New Design Products in Different Societal Communities 2004-2007
CoDes: Facilitating Social Creativity Through Collaborative Designing 2003-2006
MeMoGa: Methods and models for intelligent garment design: Interdisciplinary approach to accessible and usable wearable products 2003-2005
Future Finders: Strategic design and modelling of future finders 15.11.2004-15.11.2005
HOIVI: The preparatory phase of the Healing Wool  1.6.2002 – 31.5.2003
I-Sport: Intelligent clothing design for recreational sports and the well-being of the fitness enthusiast 2001-2003
Wearcare: Intelligent garment design innovations and usability methods for workwear and health care 2001-2002
Interactive Materials: Intelligent working garment design innovations 2000-2001
Cyberia: Survival garment prototype for harsh winter environment for Reima - Tutta Ltd. 1999-2000
LUMO: Lapland Lumo (Enchantment) textile and Clothing 1998-2000
Future Design in Textiles and Clothing: Background research 1998-1999