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Body-Fit research project studies utilizing virtual measuring and design technology in project's three sections:

Section 1: Virtual design of garment
Section 2: Virtual web application
Section 3: Productisation of measuring services 

Virtual design of garment section studies virtual measuring, design, patternmaking and fitting processes, which are based on digital measurements and 3D models generated by body scanner and also new generation of CAD and patternmaking. This section includes many user defined clothing design challenges for real target groups. The goal of design experiments is storing and testing of user defined information and innovative utilizing of body scanner and design technology. The target groups of design experiments are among others policemen, physically disabled persons and ahtletes.

Virtual web application section studies the possibilities of utilizing measurement and 3D information received from body scanner in electronic commerce of clothing and animation, game and/or social media applications. This section includes content production and technology experiments in which conceptual designing and testing of compatibility of body scanner technology and different kinds of ICT,
3D and rapid prototyping techniques are made. 

Productisation of measuring services section productisates services based on body scanner and design technology, defines customers and creates co-operation networks. Productisation is based on information gathered during the project from the 1st and 2nd sections design, content production and technology experiments and information of present state of international research and technology appliances.

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Sponsors ia:
Erityislasten Omaiset ELO association
 Lapland Rehabilitation Centre / Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities
Matti Ylipiessa company
MebDesign company
Police technical centre
Pukija La Stra company
The Rimpparemmi Folk Ensemble

Other partners:
BRP Finland Ltd
Carousel Ltd
Housuhuone company / Ergo Mode
Lapland Vocational College
Laptikki Ltd
Lectra Finland
Mieland Ltd
Ompelimo Seija Hirsivaara company
Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences
Studio Tuumat Ltd
Tilausasut Colttu company

Students and lecturers of department of textile and clothing design

1.8.2009 - 31.7.2011

Modaris ModePro & 3D Fit, Lectra
Symcad ST-4C BodyScanner & Morpho-ohjelmistot, Telmat Industrie

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