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Emergence of Luxury:
Multidisciplinary Approach to Hidden Values and Pleasure Factors in New Design Products in Different Societal Communities

Research Programme for Industrial Design
2004 - 2007  


The goal of the project is to establish a conceptual framework for describing the nature of design products in the clothing industry. The conceptual framework accommodates perspectives of both historical and future-oriented research. The project will analyze the significance of the tacit knowledge and design competence that are invested in products as reflected in the experiences of different users and communities using the products.

The project will describe and analyze early brand thinking and undertake modeling the course such thinking might take in the future. The collected empirical data explores the experiences of communities and individuals using design and luxury products. Drawing on research findings and empirical data the project will create design concepts, study their usability and acceptability, and examine the formation of socio-economic status and identity among different user communities.

The results of the project can be directly utilized in the research, design and marketing processes in the apparel industry. The project will yield focused knowledge on the interaction between designer, product and end-user as well as insights into how this knowledge may best be applied in the clothing industry of the future. The research and development undertaken here will provide a foundation for understanding the choices and decisions that consumers make as well as the values that different communities emphasize where new, emerging products are concerned.

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