Department of Industrial Design

Industrial designers receive training in the development of industrial products - objects, equipments and environments - as well as in research dealing with the products and the world around us. Products at home, mobile communication devices and other technology products, health care products, as well as vehicles represent some of the foci of the design for industry.
Industrial designers are the creative innovators of the physical environment. The aesthetic and purposeful use of materials are studied during the school years. The industrial designer brings both an aesthetic viewpoint and the functional perspective of  the future user to the design process.

The wide range of course choice available in the department allows students to focus to subjects best correspond to his/her interests. The program contains research and design projects that further theory and practise; these help students to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired to practical problem-solving situations.

The department offers its students an international environment. It has well-established links to comparable institutions in Italy, Great Britain, Spain, France, Japan and at the Nordic countries.