Student Selection for Arctic Art and Design

Student intake for the Arctic Art & Design master's degree programme at the University of Lapland is

1) Applied Visual Arts: max 10 students
2) Service Design: max 10 students
Reserve places are in use



An eligible applicant must have

  • a first-cycle degree (usually BA degree) in a relevant field of study and
  • a good command of English language for academic purposes (see language requirements here)


Educational Background

An applicant who has completed a first-cycle degree (normally a bachelor’s degree) in a relevant field of study from an institution of higher education, entitling her/him to apply for master’s degree studies in her/his home country, may apply to master’s degree studies.

Specialization Applied Visual Arts:

A relevant field of study is visual arts, design, media or architecture.

Specialization Service Design:

A relevant field of study is design, i.e. industrial design, product design, graphic design, media design etc.

Students graduating during the academic year 2015–2016 (after the application period) are eligible to apply by providing an estimated graduation date.

Previous degree may have to be supplemented with, for example, language, methodological or other studies. This will be agreed upon in the personal study plan of a student at the beginning of the studies.

How to apply

International applicants who meet the eligibility criteria may apply for the Master’s Degree Programme. The online application on the Studyinfo portal ( is only open during the application period. The application period opens on December 1st 2016 and closes on January 29th 2017 at 15:00 (GMT +2). UAF does not process application documents that arrive after the deadline.

After filling in the online application, send the required enclosures to the University Admissions Finland’s office by mail. Your application enclosures have to arrive by the given deadline. E-mail attachments will not be accepted.

The required enclosures, except the portfolio, should be sent to:

University Admissions Finland
Unioninkatu 40 C
FI-00170 Helsinki

Portfolio, if in printed form, should be sent to Arctic Art and Design Study Programme, Faculty of Art and Design, University of Lapland, P.O. Box 122, FI – 96101 Rovaniemi, Finland or in digital form to 

For more information on the required enclosures, see the Application Documents page on the left side menu.

Admission criteria

Student intake for the Arctic Art & Design master's degree programme at the University of Lapland is

1) Applied Visual Arts max 10 students
2) Service Design max 10 students
Reserve places are in use

The selection process has two phases. The pre-selection is made by evaluating the portfolios and motivation letters of the eligible applicants. A maximum of 20 applicants for both specializations will be invited to interview. The final selection of the applicants is based on the statement of motivation, portfolio and the interview. Candidates with best profile and most appropriate skills to complete the master’s degree programme will be selected. On the border of acceptance all applicants with the same score will be admitted.

1. Portfolio (0-10 points)
The portfolio consists of three artistic or design projects related to your area of education and artistic activities. The productions should demonstrate your artistic and/or design skills. The productions must be presented as paper prints, photographs, or in digital format. The productions should include the following information: name of the design or art project, a short description of the project’s content, aims, method of realization, and the production year. The portfolio must be in one single folder (max. size A3). Add your name to the portfolio and to its attached elements. The portfolios will not be returned to the applicants. The portfolio is evaluated according to the following components: aims, methods and outcomes.

2. Motivation (0-10 points)
Please provide a brief statement of motivation that includes your background and aspirations. The statement should answer the following questions: What do you want to learn in the degree programme? What are your expectations regarding the studies? How do your earlier studies relate to your master’s studies? How do you think that the degree programme will help you in your future career? The statement of motivation should be written in English and be no more than 500 words (3000 characters including spaces).

3. Interview (0-10 points)
Based on the assessment of the portfolio and the statement of motivation, a maximum of 20 applications for each specialization will be invited for interview. The applicants will be asked a series of questions about their academic and artistic profile, skills, motivation and expectations. The interview is intended to evaluate the applicant’s motivation, suitability for the programme and the potential to complete the studies. Interviews will be conducted by phone, Skype or in person in the faculty when possible.