Degree studies

The aim of training in faculty of education is:

  • The student acquires the scientific and professional abilities
    needed in teaching, research, planning and administration in
    the field of education, considering also the requirements of
    working life and research outside the university.
  • The student achieves the abilities needed for academic
    post-graduate studies in the field of general education and
    adult education.

The degree programmess in the Faculty are Class Teacher Training, Adult Education, Education and Education, specially Media-Education.

The professional basis for teacher training are the tasks involved in the work of class teachers for the lower level of comprehensive school. After receiving the master´s degree in education the student has the following qualifications:

  • ability and formal qualification for independent work as a teacher at the lower level of comprehensive school
  • ability for academic post-graduate studies

Those majoring in educational sciences will be employed in fields that require expertise in education, particularly in areas of:

  • school administration
  • public administration
  • daycare
  • general educational work
  • in-service and updating training for working life
  • civic organizations

Those majoring in adult education will receive training to become experts in:

  • professional adult education
  • training issues within working life
  • developing the private sector
  • research of working life
  • consulting
  • general educational work

Orientation towards various takes place through the students´ choices secondary subjects.