A School For All -project arranged a kick off meeting 22.-23.10.2012 at Rovaniemi. During the first day of the meeting, representatives of partner universities presented their uderstandings of inclusive education. Some of those presentations can be found from the kick off materials. Project was introduced too.

On the second day of the meeting participants divided into wroking groups, each university had it's own working group. Tasks for the working groups were to discuss and plan the development work in schools and in the university to be done during the project. Each group produced their preliminary plan for their development and research work and introduced their plans to other groups.

Kick off materials
Presentation MSHU.pptx (125,4 kB)
Presentation UoL.pptx (95,2 kB)
PresentationNARFU.ppt (9,6 MB)
Program.docx (149,6 kB)