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 Media Education


Media Education aims at developing profound media competences, literacy and multiliteracies through three themes that complement one another: Media in Teaching and Learning; Media in Society; Media and Psychosocial Well-being. These themes provide you with understanding and skills in different areas where media education plays a significant role, and you will learn to search, read, and interpret current media education research.

MEDU2203 Critical Media Analysis 5 ECTS  Autumn
MEDU2205 Pedagogical Models in Educational Use of ICT`s 5 ECTS Autumn


MEDU2207 Introduction to Global Media Education 5 ECTS Autumn
MEDU2208 Theoretical Approaches to Media Use and Psychosocial Well-being 5 ECTS Spring
MEDU2209 Media Educator in Working Life 5 ECTS Spring
MEDU3107 Experiencing Media 5 ECTS Spring MA  
MEDU3101 Research of Media Education 5 ECTS Spring MA  
MEDU3105 Internet Use and Psychosocial Well-Being 5 ECTS Spring MA  
MEDU3106 Approaches to Media Cultures 5 ECTS
Spring MA
MEDU3104A Media Education Literature: Media in Teaching and Learning 5 ECTS    MA  Independent study
MEDU3104B Media Education Literature: Media in Society 5 ECTS    MA  Independent study
MEDU3104C Media Education Literature: Media and Psychosocial Well-being 5 ECTS    MA  Independent study


KKAS3109 Communities and wellbeing 5 ECTS Spring MA

Gender Studies

The profile of gender studies covers issues concerning the culture of gender in northern regions and gendered meanings in the culture of education.
WSTU1519  Introduction to Gender Studies  5 ECTS Autumn BA  
WSTU1514  Gender in the North  5 ECTS Spring BA  
WSTU1518  Gendered Education 5 ECTS Autumn BA  
WSTU1513  Women in History 5 ECTS   BA Independent study
WSTU1515  Gender in Culture and Society 5 ECTS   BA
Independent study

Global Education (GE)

"Global Education" (GE) aims at building educational and community capacity: fostering inclusive world citizenship and promoting sustainable globalization, aware that we live at a critical point of history, a turning-point in human evolution!
GKAS3411 The Phenomenon of Globalization & Cultural Diversity 7 ECTS Autumn BA  
GKAS3412 Human Rights, Global Ethos and the Problem of Religion 6 ECTS Autumn BA
GKAS3413 Civic Education, Good Governance & Active Citizenship 7 ECTS Spring BA  
GKAS3414 Theory & Research of Global Education, 5 ECTS Spring BA  

Primary Teacher Training

KTYL0201  Finnish System of Education 2 ECTS Both BA  
LKAS3106  Teachers' professional and personal development: Finnish and international perspectives 3 ECTS Spring BA  

Teaching Practice

Observation and Practice always need to be agreed with responsible teacher.
IEDU0001 Early Childhood Practice 6 ECTS   BA  Rauna Rahko-Ravantti
IEDU0002 The Reflective Report on Early Childhood Practice 4 ECTS   BA  Rauna Rahko-Ravantti
IEDU0003  Primary School Experience with 7-8 year olds 4 ECTS   BA Sari Viden
IEDU0004  The Reflective Report on Primary School Practice 4 ECTS   BA Sari Viden
IEDU0005  Special and Inclusive Education (school experience) 4 ECTS
  BA Outi Kyrö-Ämmälä
LTAS0101 Observation Period Leading to the Teaching Experience 2-4 ECTS   BA Elizabeth Alssen
LTAS0202 Teaching Experience 4-8 ECTS   BA Elizabeth Alssen
LTAS0203 The Teaching Experience Reflective Report (TERR) 1 ECTS   BA
Elizabeth Alssen
More information about LTAS Teaching Experience here

English for Primary Teacher Training

LAER0321 Oral Skills 5 ECTS  Autumn BA  
LAER0322 Children's Literature 3 ECTS Autumn BA  
LAER0324 Grammar and Writing 3 ECTS Spring BA  
LAER0325 Phonetics and Pronunciation 5 ECTS Autumn/Spring
LAER0326 Introduction to the study of language 2 ECTS Spring BA  
LAER0328 Communicative Materials 2 ECTS
Spring BA  
LAER0329British Culture 1 ECTS
Spring BA  
LAER0327 English Didactics Seminar 4 ECTS
Autumn BA  *participation to be confirmed,based on prerequisetes
LAPE1611 Foreign language teaching 3 ECTS  Autumn BA  *availability of places to be confirmed
IEDU0007 Teaching English as a foreign language 2 ECTS  Spring BA  
LKAS2201 CLIL for primary teachers 3 ECTS
 Spring  BA  
See also International Programmes and Courses and Language Centre for more options.
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