Instructions for Writing Learning Diaries and Essays

When taking courses, please contact the teacher by e-mail in order to get more detailed instructions for writing essays and learning diaries. You may concentrate on different areas of Gender Studies, for example Finnish women’s position in a historical perspective; gender and sexuality in culture and society, or more focused on gendered practices in working life or gendered representations in media.

A learning diary combines the read literature together with student’s knowledge from her/his own studies and life/work experiences. Students are encouraged to use also newspapers, magazines, social media and web material as data when possible.

In an essay the student produces her/his writer’s own analysis and opinion rather than paraphrases what someone else has already said. An essay should have one central theme and a discussion linked to the argument. The title of the essay should relate to the question/problem one wants to discuss.

Format guidelines: An essay for 3 ECTS equals 6 printed pages in a standard font (e.g. Times Roman, 12 p), 1.5 line spacing, margins max 2.5 cm/an inch throughout. The works cited and the source of quotations must always be mentioned.