Studies in the Faculty of Education

The degree programmes in the Faculty are

  • Primary Teacher Training
  • Adult Education
  • Education
  • Media Education 

The basic degrees offered by the Faculty are

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Master of Education

The Finnish university degrees are the bachelor’s, master’s, licentiate (postgraduate) and doctor’s degrees (postgraduate). The undergraduate degree studies consist of basic studies, subject studies (intermediate level) and advanced studies.

A bachelor’s degree consists of studies in both major and minor subjects without advanced level studies and methodology and language studies. A master’s degree includes studies in major and minor subjects, with the master’s thesis being a central component of the degree. Master’s studies can also include methodology and language studies. Research and preparation of a substantial thesis are essential parts of the studies for both the licentiate and doctoral degrees.

  • bachelor’s degree 180 ECTS cr. all faculties
  • master’s degree 120 ECTS cr. all faculties

On average a fulltime student can expect to obtain 60 ECTS cr. in a year, which equates to a workload of 1,600 hours by the student. A bachelor’s degree requires about three years and master’s degree two years of full-time study following the completion of a bachelor’s degree.