A large number of research projects are underway in the Faculty of Education. Doctoral students often take part in these projects. Doctoral students are encouraged to actively prepare and contribute to projects within their field. Researchers are most often paid for project participation.


The Academy of Finland finances doctoral programmes coordinated by universities. These programmes may be regional, national, or international, and a separate application procedure must be followed to enter them. The researcher positions of the doctoral programmes are meant for full time postgraduate studying, and students may get paid for the work. Application periods for the doctoral programmes vary, but as a rule, they are arranged approximately every second year after academy funding has been confirmed.
The web pages of the coordinating university and the partner universities contain information on application. Also various researcher networks have some information on it. A list of financed doctoral programmes can be found on the Internet pages of the Academy of Finland.

The regional or national doctoral programs of the University of Lapland are presented online.


The Rector of the University of Lapland has distributed grants for doctoral thesis writers on separately announced dates. Grants have been awarded for finalizing dissertations written for the University of Lapland (1–4 months).

One way to finance doctoral studies and dissertation research is to apply for a grant awarded by a foundation.

The Aurora database is useful for searching funding opportunties. It includes funding organisations for sciences, arts and culture for both project funding and personal grants. The database includes Finnish and foreign funding opportunities, which are available for Finns or those residing in Finland.

Information on TEKES research funding and EU research projects is available online.

CIMO has a number of scholarship programmes for Doctoral level studies and research at Finnish universities.