Thesis are published in printed form before the public examination. They may also be published in electronic form.

A thesis is usually published in the university’s own Acta Universitatis Lapponiensis series and printed in the University of Lapland Printing Centre. The author is responsible of the layout of the manuscript. The faculty covers the printing expenses of total 107 copies of doctoral thesis and the author receives 10 copies of those. In case you want more copies we recommend you to make an additional order at the same time to use the inexpensive prices.

The faculty delivers the printed thesis to the Faculty Office, Faculty Council, University Library, Opponent, Custos, and Central Administration (rector’s office, bulletin board copy). In addition some copies will go for sale.

The author may offer the doctoral thesis to be published in some other scientific series by other publisher, for example the Lapland University Press (LUP). In case the publisher is LUP or another commercial publisher, the publisher will cover the expenses. Faculty buys 60 copies of doctoral thesis from the LUP from Acta Universitatis Lappoensis series. If the doctoral thesis is published by another commercial publisher the faculty buys 35 copies. Thesis published in other series or as an author’s edition must be delivered to the faculty office to Secretary of Administrative Affairs in 35 copies no later than 10 days before the public examination. If a thesis is published in electronic form, 35 printed copies must still be delivered to the faculty.

When publishing the thesis as an author’s edition, one must make sure that the ISBN number is included. It can be obtained from the Helsinki University Library, the Finnish National ISBN Centre, tel. +358 9 191 44327.

For more detailed instructions on the layout, ISBN code and publishing procedure of thesis published in the Acta Series, contact the publishing manager of Lapland University Press.

The title page or an extra sheet attached to the thesis must include the date and place of the examination and the fact that the thesis has been approved for public examination by the faculty. This also applies to thesis published in scientific series.
Faculty covers the expenses from examination process of the doctoral thesis including publishing and expenses of the Opponent.